Hi, I’m Casey.

Here’s what my brain does (sometimes) when it doesn’t have things to do: make up an alphabetized list of things (then find or make up words for the hard letters). It’s a little like counting sheep, word-nerd style. One day I tried to take a nap before a networking event, and came up with this list of words that could describe me.

administrator • bookkeeper  • creative • decisive • editor • funny • giving • helper • inquisitive • jovial • kickass  • loving • mariner • nurturer • open • pluviophile • quirky • real • smart • tenacious • unusual • valuable • wise • xanthous • yeoman • zippy

You might want to look some of those up (like “xanthous,” meaning “having yellow or red hair”). Or just snicker, because some are a reach.

I like helping people, whether they be friends now or friends of the future. I tend to have a lot of energy, and my brain is always looking for a puzzle to solve. When I’m not helping other people, I’m working around our wonderful home, camping or wandering around the woods, or zipping around town on a vintage Vespa.

I like hugs much more than handshakes.