In helping make people make their things better, I’ve become very good at a lot of various things.  Here’s where I’ve earned my experiences:

Administrative/Office Managing (1996–2017)
Post-college-graduation, I ran a small office for a fire extinguisher service company, then I moved up to being the primary administrator for the 40-person Engineering department of an Environmental Remediation company. I took a break to make a magazine, then went back to office management for a  30-staff nightclub in 1999, and then moved over to a medical devices company office in 2005. I was a cube-dweller for years and learned pretty much all there is to know about anything that happens in an office.

Writing & Editing (1997–2007)
Technical editing • copy editing • copy writing • proofreading • writing and implementing style guides & employee manuals • scientist/engineer-to-English translation • formatting enormous (2000+ pages) documents for agencies like the Army Corps of Engineers and the FDA.

Printing (1997–2003):
Created the first successful US magazine for the vintage Vespa & Lambretta scooter scene • formatted and edited all 80-pages of each issue • handled all aspects of the business, from day-to-day orders and customer service, to organizing shipping to our subscribers, to running a 10-person volunteer crew on “magazine stuffing” nights. Reformatted the Vespa Club of America’s annual newsletter and provided them with instructions on how to use the template, and how to improve their overall image quality. As a nightclub manager, I created all the signage, staff paperwork, employee ID cards, and employee policies handbook for a 30-person staff at a club that made more than $500K annually.

Internet (1999–2017):
I started out with testing software by performing QA* in 1999 (Flash 5) and discovered that my innate talent for breaking things could be turned into a career. I took a break from testing to produce a magazine and run a nightclub. In 2007, I hopped back into the QA world by testing the internet site for the first release of the now-famous game Rock Band. After that, it was one site after another, until Facebook came along, and I needed to switch gears in 2011. I moved to testing mobile apps on Apple and Android devices in 2017.

Selling & Shipping (1997–2009; 2011-present):
Between shipping the magazine, organizing subscriptions, and helping friends rid themselves of excess clutter, I’ve become a wiz at selling things online, and then shipping them all over the globe. If it needs to be shipped somewhere, I can tell you the cheapest, fastest way to get it there.

*Also known as Quality Assurance. Usually followed by something like “Engineer”, which I never felt suited me. I’m just very talented at crashing websites and software. I rewrote that site a few years ago to be more inline with my personality. Hop over there if you’re curious about all the sites on which I’ve worked.