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How can I help you?

I do things that help take a little stress off your life, for a small hourly fee.

  • Administrative & bookkeeping: if it’s done in an office, I’ve probably done it and can do it for you. This includes scanning, typing, copying, making calls, taking calls, filling out forms, checking your PO box/remote mail box, and other office-y things.
  • Moving & organizing. I have yet to meet a pile I can’t organize, catalog, and document. If you’re moving and your decision-making muscles are exhausted, I can help you get rid of that extra stuff – either by helping you sell it or by getting it to the right local charity. I’ve helped move and liquidate a scooter shop and helped decruft and stage a house for  selling. Want it done in the most eco-friendly way possible? Your stuff sent to the people who need it most? I’ve got lists for those kinds of things.
  • Writing, copy editing, proofreading, formatting documents, and creating custom templates that are easy to use. Need letterhead or custom invoices? I can do that. Flyers for your band or event? I can do those, too. How about a new resume? No problem!
  • Creating online shops using sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy for whatever you want to sell. Plus, I have the expertise to advise you on shipping whatever you want the best way possible.
  • Personal assistance: work all day and don’t have time for errands? Hire me and I’ll do them for you. Yes, I will pick up your dry cleaning. I will totally go into Freddy’s and come out with your grocery list. Scared of Ikea? Let me take them on for you.
  • Website updates using most of the available engines such as Weebly, WordPress, and Wix. Newsletter generation using MailChimp.

I know both Mac and Windows, and have machines of both flavors. I have MS Office, Open Office, the Adobe CS Suite, and Quickbooks for both platforms. I have a lot more programs, and know them all pretty well.

I charge a low rate (most tasks are $25/hour) because I just need something to do and a little extra cash. Any job I do will require a small down payment to get me started, and most things can be finished within a few days (depending on the project, of course). All discussions before the project starts are free.

Just send an email to, and let’s get talking about how I can make your life easier.